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An optimizer of Fused-Sparse Structural Equation Models, which is the state-of-the-art (sota) jointly fused sparse maximum likelihood function for structural equation models proposed by Xin Zhou and Xiaodong Cai
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fssemR is a package that ultilizes the Proximal Alternating Linearized Maximal to solve the non-convex non-smooth jointly fused sparse structrual equation model.


fssemR package contains a lot of necessary scripts to analyze large dataset such as microarray and SNP data from GEO database, so it has not been submitted to CRAN yet for these non-standard directory. To install fssemR, you need a C++ compiler such as g++ or clang++ with C++11 feature, and for Windows users, the Rtools software is needed (unless you can configure the toolchain by yourself).

The installation follows the typical way of R packages on Github:


Now, fssemR package is uploaded on CRAN. So you will install it via CRAN




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