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This is a mockup of the Tagger app which is done simply as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.  It needs to be melded into a TurboGears 2 app.  The search database and icons cached in Fedora Community Packager can be used to grab package data.


 * Randomly select two packages (you will need to cache a list of all packages and randomly generate an index)
 * Display the first package on the center card w/ the top 3 tags and randomly select 2 tags from the list of tags associated with this package (not including the tags already selected)
 * Do the same for the right card with the second package but make sure they can't be clicked
 * With each tag the user can click if they like or dislike the tag, once they select they can change their mind
 * A form element is also needed to add new tags
 * new tags start with a count of one in the like field
 * clicking on the right card generates a new right card moves all cards one place to the left
 * all fields should be instantly recorded
 * regardless of the format used to store the results a command line script shall be provided that outputs the data in JSON format
 * The script must be able to be run even if the web service is not running
 * Output should be in this format:
     {_format_version: ${current_version},
      ${package_name}:[{tag: ${tag_label},
                        like: ${num_likes},
                        dislike: ${num_dislike}},
                        total: ${num_likes} - ${num_dislike}

 * The tag list for each package should be sorted in descending order by the total score, ties are broken by the number of votes cast and if there is still a tie, alphabetically by the tag

User Scoring

Eventually we want users to be able to log in and get points for participating.  This is not a priotity for the initial implementation.