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@github-actions github-actions released this 23 Oct 21:03


  • allow handy binding of P/E cores on Intel'x86, added support for hexadecimal notation and '+'/'-' operators (Eugene)
  • 5e53add: Fix MSVC-ARM64 and macOS compilation (Eugene)
  • 76585ce: Fix warning about unused CPUID_EX() with disabled USE_AFFINITY_MASK (Eugene)
  • 1b06509: * Fix Info_RemoveKey() deleting only first key (Eugene)
  • added optimized x86_64 mixing for mingw and unix builds #234 (Eugene)
  • ed479e5: try to fix osx build (Eugene) #234
  • 77fbc0d: Fix Info_RemoveKey line endings (Noah Metzger) #236
  • bc8fcc1: Fix info string trailing key issue (Noah Metzger) #236
  • added some color-input optimized shaders, should improve FPS by up to 10% in bandwidth-limited cases (iGPUs) (Eugene)
  • fixed fog rendering with recent color optimizations (Eugene)
  • rebind indexes after legacy dlight pass before fog pass (Eugene)
  • skip color/tex gen only if previous stage was not optimized and really calculated color/tex data (Eugene)
  • fix depthFragment shaders in fog, allow fog-collapse for non-world shaders (Eugene)
  • allow more color optimizations, with and without fog (Eugene)
  • ac7a93e: Define the MACOS_X flag for macOS builds (Sviatoslav Abakumov) #240
  • added USE_VBO/USE_FBO definitions to switch corresponding functionalities at compile-time (Eugene)
  • use more reasonable default backend color (Eugene)
  • added entity-color optimization for single-stage shaders (Eugene)
  • f1fcec7: universal build work + sdl lib included for mac (Bishop-333) #244
  • 520e89c: think it work (not with dl open yet) (Bishop-333) #244
  • fdf3c2d: Update Makefile (Bishop) #244
  • 428fcf1: correct build on macs (Bishop) #244
  • 0e25892: remove useless lines (Bishop) #244
  • 05ae5c5: app will search for pk3 inside and next to the app bundle (Bishop-333) #245
  • 64c09ec: char -> const char (Bishop-333) #245
  • 288d8f3: Update unix_shared.c (Bishop-333) #245
  • 8b7302b: remove com_homepath as its useless and correct version in the .app bundle properties (1.32e) (Bishop-333) #245
  • updated prebuilt libraries and headers to version 8.4.0, disabled IPv6 and schannel support for 32-bit msvc2005 builds (Eugene)
  • b900bc3: remove Sys_SetDefaultBasePath from qcommon and make it static void (Bishop-333) #245
  • fix compiler warning (Eugene)
  • 3f4f123: Updated changelog (Eugene)
  • 346da3a: Fix Makefile (Eugene)
  • 3fda9a7: remove duplicate sdl and move it to libsdl/include/SDL2 (Bishop-333) #245
  • 8411dc5: cleanup made by ec (Bishop-333) #245
  • ef83a14: corrected windows build name (Bishop-333) #245
  • b86c88b: Update Makefile (Bishop-333) #245
  • efa66ee: lipo fix (Bishop-333) #245
  • c4a55e9: fix conflicts (Bishop-333) #245
  • 529c047: Link with vorbisfile. Fixes ec-#248 (Sergey Trofimov) #249
  • add \r_bloom_threshold_mode and \r_bloom_modulate cvars, similar to OpenGL renderer (Eugene)
  • 4bacad4: Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' (Jelle)