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FlatLaf - Flat Look and Feel

FlatLaf is a modern open-source cross-platform Look and Feel for Java Swing desktop applications.

It looks almost flat (no shadows or gradients), clean, simple and elegant. FlatLaf comes with Light, Dark, IntelliJ and Darcula themes, scales on HiDPI displays and runs on Java 8 or newer.

The look is heavily inspired by Darcula and IntelliJ themes from IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2+ and uses almost the same colors and icons.

FlatLaf Light

FlatLaf Dark

IntelliJ Platform Themes

FlatLaf can use 3rd party themes created for IntelliJ Platform (see IntelliJ Themes Pack):

IntelliJ Platform Themes


Download Demo

Run demo with java -jar flatlaf-demo-<version>.jar (or double-click it). Requires Java 8 or newer.


FlatLaf binaries are available on Maven Central.

If you use Maven or Gradle, add a dependency with following coordinates to your build script:

groupId:     com.formdev
artifactId:  flatlaf
version:     (see button below)

Otherwise download flatlaf-<version>.jar here:

Maven Central


FlatLaf snapshot binaries are available on Sonatype OSSRH. To access the latest snapshot, change the FlatLaf version in your dependencies to <version>-SNAPSHOT (e.g. 0.27-SNAPSHOT) and add the repository to your build (see Maven and Gradle docs).


Getting started

To use FlatLaf, add following code to your main method before you create any Swing component:


// create UI here...


For more information and documentation visit FlatLaf Home:

Theme Editor

The Theme Editor that supports editing FlatLaf theme properties files. See Theme Editor documentation for details and downloads.

Theme Editor


Applications using FlatLaf