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Welcome to the Hector Wiki!


  • Simple climate models play an integral role in policy and scientific communities. They are used for climate mitigation scenarios within integrated assessment models, complex climate model emulation, and uncertainty analyses.
  • Hector has three main carbon pools: an atmosphere, land, and ocean. The model's terrestrial carbon cycle includes respiration and primary production, accommodating arbitrary geographic divisions into, e.g., ecological biomes or political units.
  • Hector actively solves the inorganic carbon system in the surface ocean, directly calculating air–sea fluxes of carbon and ocean pH. Hector reproduces the global historical trends of atmospheric [CO2] and surface temperatures.

Model philosophy

  • Complexity only where warranted.
  • Open source: all code freely available.
  • Clean, modern, object-oriented code.
  • Flexible: model components, outputs, inputs can be changed.
  • Fast.

Building and running Hector

Programming topics


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