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Google Chrome Extension for appending Spotify Play Button to several sites like Wikipedia, Twitter
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This is a Google Chrome Extension that appends a Spotify Play Button to the website you are browsing if it detects references to tracks, albums or artists that exist on Spotify.

The extension only tries to fetch a Spotify Play Button when it makes sure the displayed content refers to a potential music item, thus avoiding making a large amount of requests, keeping a fast browsing experience. The SPB control is injected in the page in a suitable area, depending on the website.

You can install Extendify from the Chrome Web Store to give it a try.

This is a screenshot of the extension in action:

Sample of Spotify Play Button Chrome Extension

Supported sites

So far it supports the following websites:

All Music

It works with any track, album or artist page.



Items under Music category.


It works with any link pointing to or that belongs to a track, album or playlist


It works with search results for artist, album or tracks.

Pirate Bay

It supports album download pages:


Articles on Wikipedia in English about albums or tracks.


Videos of tracks


On Google Chrome, open the Extensions page (chrome://chrome/extensions/) and enable Developer Mode. Then, click on "Load unpacked extension..." and select the folder where you have deployed the source code.

Known issues

The extension relies heavily on the DOM structure of the supported sites. When these change, the extension could stop detecting the placeholders for the key information (album name, track name and artist name).

About the authors

This extension was built during the Music Hack Day 2013 in Stockholm by @jmperezperez and @aandelkovic.

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