Bring your tabletop RPGs to life with sound and visuals.
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RPG Ambience.sublime-project

RPG Ambience

Bring your game to life with music and visuals

RPG Ambience is a media player that enables roleplayers to bring their sessions to life using sound and visuals. It is free software that runs directly in your browser.

» Try RPG Ambience

For instructions on how to use RPG Ambience, consult the help document inside the application.

Hosting your own copy of RPG Ambience

If you want full control over the application, or if ever goes offline, you can host your own copy of the application. As of November 2015, here's how you do it:

  • Download the latest source files, in the gh-pages branch.
  • Create a Google account (or use your existing account) and enable the Google Drive API and the Google Drive SDK in the Google Developers Console.
  • Make the following modifications to source/GoogleDriveBackend.js:
    • Replace 907013371139 with the app ID from your Google Drive API settings.
    • Replace AIzaSyCTT934cGu2bDRbCUdx1bHS8PKT5tE34WM with the API key from your Google Drive API settings.
  • Serve the files using a standard web server like Apache or Lighttpd, or with a service like GitHub Pages.
  • Add your server's hostname (possibly localhost) to the list of authorized JavaScript origins in your Google Drive API settings.

After following these steps, your copy of RPG Ambience should work just like the official one, only with a different account providing the Google Drive integration.

I have not tested the steps above and may have missed some step. If the instructions don't work for you, please let me know.