Generates a click track given an input MIDI file with tempo and key changes
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clicker.exe [options ...] <path to MIDI.mid>

Clicker generates a WAVE file click track given a MIDI sequence with meter/key
and tempo change messages. The click track serves as a solid, sample-accurate
metronome that will line up with the MIDI sequence. You can import the
generated click track into any MIDI-friendly DAW tool such as SONAR, Cubase,
etc. to record with. You can even share the click track with other recording
artists working on your project to serve as a timebase to help synchronize work
across distances.

Author:     James S. Dunne
Copyright:  2011,

    -s <samplerate>      Set the output WAVE file's sample rate in Hz
                         (default 48000 Hz)
    -c <channels>        Set the output WAVE file's number of channels
                         (1 or 2, default 2)
    -d <click division>  Set the metronome to click on each (2^N)th note, 
                         scaling meter signatures appropriately to match.
                         (default: off, click on meter beats only)
    -ao                  Attenuate meter's off-beats if meter is faster
                         than the metronome. (default: off)
    -ad                  Attenuate inserted beats if metronome is clicking
                         faster than the meter. (default: off)
    <path to MIDI.mid>   Path to the MIDI arrangement to generate the click
                         track for.

    <path to MIDI.mid>.click.wav