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πŸ¦‘ Have you ever wanted to hear our lord and saviors maddening whispers on demand? Well now you can.
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Old God Whispers World of Warcraft Addon πŸ¦‘

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Have you ever wanted to hear our lord and saviors maddening whispers on demand? Well now you can. This World of Warcraft addon will display a button on your UI which will allow you to hear whispers from the old gods. You can even enable random mode so you can get the authentic old god experience. This addon does not work with World of Warcraft Classic.

Getting Started ✈️

This addon can be installed by downloading or forking the repository and placing the OldGodWhispers folder within your World of Warcraft AddOns folder. The folder structure should look like the following.

└── DBM-Core
β”œβ”€β”€ OldGodWhispers
β”‚ └── OldGodWhispers.lua
β”‚ β”œβ”€β”€ OldGodWhispers.toc

You can learn how to install WoW addons by following this guide.

Commands πŸ’»

You can view all of the available commands by typing either /ogw or /oldgodwhispers in the chat. All of the commands in the following table can be run by typing /ogw <command> or /oldgodwhispers <command>.

Command Description Default
status Shows the current status of the addon, such as which old gods are enabled/disabled. N/A
toggle Toggles the button. You can disable the button and still recieve random whispers if random mode is enabled. Enabled
random Toggles random whisper mode. Random whispers occur every 5 to 30 minutes. Disabled
cthun Enables/Disables whispers from C'thun. Enabled
ghuun Enables/Disables whispers from G'huun. Enabled
nzoth Enables/Disables whispers from N'Zoth. Enabled
ilgynoth Enables/Disables whispers from Il'gynoth. Enabled
yoggsaron Enables/Disables whispers from Yogg-Saron. Enabled


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