Latest commit 23a0b46 Jul 10, 2016 @MasonM MasonM committed with jfritschi #203 - Fix errors in source/CAS.php when run under phpdbg (#204)
This code assumed any SAPI other than "cli" is a web request, which is not the
case for phpdbg, the debugger that ships with PHP 5.6. Since phpdbg is
implemented as a SAPI module, the php_sapi_name() function will return "phpdbg".
If you haven't set up the $_SERVER superglobal beforehand, this code would
trigger "Undefined index" errors when run under phpdbg.

I opted to fix this by removing the php_sapi_name() check, as it's not
necessary. Just checking the superglobals with isset() is sufficient.


phpCAS is an authentication library that allows PHP applications to easily authenticate users via a Central Authentication Service (CAS) server.

Please see the phpCAS website for more information:

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