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A database for handling taxonomic information, with a web interface for editing
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taxonomy is a tool for maintaining a taxonomic database. I use it for my personal database of mammals and other animals. It is focused on providing comprehensive data about the nomenclature of each name: type specimens, type localities, citations, type species, and much more.

This is a personal project and so far I haven't spent any effort to make it usable by other people. It will probably work if you pip install it from source, but you'll have to make a database yourself.

The database is currently in SQLite format because that's the most convenient for my current setup, but this isn't essential to the project. It was previously in a MYSQL database (which worked mostly fine), and before that in a set of spreadsheets (which I'm glad I no longer need).

In the future I plan to extend this project with a website enabling people to browse the taxonomy.

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