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Small tool that gathers data from iphone backups
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What is it

Small tool that gathers data from iphone backups.
Currently does not analyse all file contents (photos and other documents on IPhone) but this is planned to be added in soon.

How to

Required programs

Python 3:


Download the newest release from the main GitHub repository
Via Git
git clone
Download the .zip file from GitHub repository

Basic usage:

Basic command: backup_paths [backup_paths ...]

Help: -h

Optional arguments:

TXT output file: --txt_output_file --txt_output_file --txt_output_path [txt_output_path]

XML output file: --xml_output_file --xml_output_file --xml_output_path [xml_output_path]

Minimal stdout (Useful with output file options): --min_std_out

Developer documentation

The development documentation can be built via Sphinx
Install Sphinx via system repository or pip

Open a terminal and change directory to the docs directory cd {Project_location}\docs

Generate rst source files using sphinx-apidoc
sphinx-apidoc -o source ../

Generate html documentation using make
make html

The built development documentation will be in the new docs/build/html directory, open the index.html file in a web browser to view the documentation.

Future plans

Some of the plans for this project in the near future are:

  • Allow for auto-backup and analysis of IPhones
  • Allow for database containing all files and file metadata
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