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COMPASS directory browser

stable license

Compass Directory browser


COMPASS is a simple directory browser based on PHP, which allows you to browse folders and files in your web server. The big advantage is simple installation, which consists of copying one file.

Optional functionality is logging access of users of application and authorizations of access only from specified IP addresses.

About extended version

This extended version creates coauthors. Version provides additional functionality compared to the basic version.


First read please Security!

  1. Copy compass.php to the place, where you want to browse files and folders
  2. Enter
  3. Enjoy it

Optional settings:

Logging 4. Uncomment logging: new AccessLogger() 5. Set path to logfile const PATH_TO_LOG_FILE = '' 6. Set name of logfile const LOG_FILE_NAME = 'compass.log', by default is set to compass.log

Access only from specified IP addresses 7. Set IP addresses with access to the application, separate by comma: const IP_ADDRESS_WITH_PERMISSION = ''


  • Scans directories and lists the content
  • Shows the permissions, size and last modification of files
  • Suitable for browsing on your mobile
  • Simple installation
  • It looks like Ubuntu Terminal
  • Logging
  • Access only from specified IP addresses


If you turn on logging, accesses log this way: datetime, type (info - information, warn - security threat, danger - access from unauthorized IP), IP address and user request.

On the LAMP server (Linux) is access to the logfile restricted. On the WAMP (Windows) access is not limited!


  • PHP 5.5+ (PHP 5.4 only without class AccessLogger - class must be deleted from compass.php)
  • Javascript enabled

Support of browsers

It works on all versions of current browsers.

Browser version
IE 9+
Firefox 20+
Chrome 24+
Safari 4+
Opera 10+


Application are using at your own risk! The author is not responsible for damage caused by using the application.

Application lists the content of directories and makes available it to all from the Internet. Be careful with placement of application!

Compass allows you to browse only the files in the current directory and subdirectories. But there is no 100% guarantee that the attacker finds a bug in the application and enables browsing other directories.

Access from IP addresses is restricted due to safety concerns. Full functionality is not guaranteed.


  • 0.9.5 - current - logging
  • 0.9.0 - initial release


Created by JkmAS Mejstrik


COMPASS is distributed under the MIT License.