Stripped edition to reduce mission file size
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GoT_Wasteland-Stratis (Stripped-Edition) v1.08 (Revision:d)

All credits for Wasteland go to 404Games and their DEV's This is just my alteration.
current status: v1.08(d) (Complete Edition) Fully Functional Wasteland
current status: v1.08(d) (Stripped Edition) No Survivalsystem, no basebuilding
If you are not famillair with creating PBO files, grab the ready-to-go-PBO's here:

before creating a .PBO make sure the foldername ends with YOURMISSIONFOLDERNAME.Stratis


[Fixed] Fixed the Sound Counter error on first spawn.
[Fixed] Re-Added the LightArmed-Vehicle mission.
[Fixed] Fixed the description issue for the LightArmed-Vehicle mission.
[Changed] Starting money to 200.
[Changed] Added our own strings and some other changes.

[Added] New main mission (Convoy) By Sanjo.
[Added] MiniConvoy Sidemission (JoSchaap) Original by Sanjo
[Fixed] Fixed misc font errors.
[Fixed] one of the weap boxes could not be moved.
[Fixed] Ifrit spawn and mission issue's
[Fixed] Vehicle content window missing an image/icon
[Fixed] Admin-Provinggrounds missing an image/icon
[Added] 20mm and 40mm flare rounds to Gunstore
[Fixed] Font errors on some rare occasions
[Fixed] Desync issues
[Fixed] Typo's in stringtables
[Notice] revision c was skipped due to version confusion with the stripped-edition
[Added] Different reward crate contents for the convoys
[Added] Sanjo's mission select (prevents recurring missions)
[Added] Mission intel and author info to the splash screen
[Added] Gunstore radars are back!
[Added] New side mission Hostile Helicopter
[Added] New main mission Hostile Helicopter-Squad
[Changed] Weapon and item prizes in the gunstore
[Changed] death sequence when killed
[Changed] Enabled groups in Blufor/Opfor
[Fixed] Flare rounds in gunstore not possible to buy
[Fixed] AI and Vehicles from convoy missions not despawning
[Fixed] Slow respawn dialog on first spawn
[Removed] Some more references where removed

Please be reminded that i did NOT create this mission from scratch, most of the work has been done by the awesome DEV-team @ 404Games. Im just the huy that had some spare time to make it work in ArmA3Alpha :)

All credit are still due to them and not me

If there are any issues let me know by opening an issue here and ill look into it :)

Kind regards,

JoSchaap (GoT)