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This code goes with my Datanami article.

It illustrates MLLib on Spark using an example based on collaborative filtering of employee ratings for companies.

It shows the exact same Spark client functionality written in Java 7 and Java 8. The new new Java 8 features that make Spark's functional style much easier

I use Cassandra providing the data to Spark, and there's a synthesized training/validation set with accompanying spreadsheet to let you tweak parameters.

Here's how to get it working:

To setup (tested on Ubuntu 14.04):

  • Install JDK Java8. sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer
  • Get Spark.
    • Download 1.1.0 for Hadoop 2.4. We will not be using Hadoop even though this build supports it.
    • Untar the spark tarball. (E.g., in ~/dev)
    • Test the installation with ./bin/run-example SparkPi
  • See QuickStart in below for more instructions and tutorials on setup.

Get Eclipse:

  • Download Eclipse Luna 4.4.1 Ubuntu 64 Bit (or 32 Bit) from Only the latest Eclipse supports Java 8.
  • Untar, run Eclipse.
  • Set your Java 8 JDK as the default JDK.
  • Install Maven2 Eclipse,
    • Menu Help -> Install New Software…
    • Add this repository
    • Check Maven Integration for Eclipse, then install.


  • Right-click on pom.xml, choose Maven-> install.
  • This will now download Spark jars; it will take a while.
  • It will also set your Eclipse project's source level to Java 8.


  • ratings.csv is generated from ratings.ods, which is a spreadsheet for synthesizing data sets to test and fine tune your model.
  • Adjust ratings.ods and save as CSV. See readme.txt in data directory for instructions.


  • Instructions for getting Cassandra: here
  • Run Cassandra: sudo /usr/bin/cassandra
  • We will be runnning Cassandra and Spark locally with console, rather than remotely in a cluster as daemon/service.
  • Create schema by running attached SQL as follows:
    • In workspace root, run cqlsh -f ./collabfilter/src/sql/collab_filter_schema.sql

Running tests:

  • Run collabfilter.CollabFilterCassandraDriver.main or the CollabFilterTest unit test.

More references:


Collaborative filtering with MLLib on Spark based on data in Cassandra




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