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A collection of Julia packages for unified IO infrastructure

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  1. JLD2.jl JLD2.jl Public

    HDF5-compatible file format in pure Julia

    Julia 511 82

  2. HDF5.jl HDF5.jl Public

    Save and load data in the HDF5 file format from Julia

    Julia 374 140

  3. JSON.jl JSON.jl Public

    JSON parsing and printing

    Julia 302 99

  4. MAT.jl MAT.jl Public

    Julia module for reading MATLAB files

    Julia 273 76

  5. JLD.jl JLD.jl Public

    Saving and loading julia variables while preserving native types

    Julia 273 55

  6. FileIO.jl FileIO.jl Public

    Main Package for IO, loading all different kind of files

    Julia 202 76


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