Julia interface to the Artelys Knitro solver
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The KNITRO.jl package provides an interface for using the Artelys Knitro solver from Julia. You cannot use KNITRO.jl without having purchased and installed a copy of Knitro from Artelys. This package is available free of charge and in no way replaces or alters any functionality of Artelys Knitro solver.

Artelys Knitro functionality is extensive, so coverage is incomplete, but most functionality for solving linear, nonlinear, and mixed-integer programs is provided. Documentation is available at https://juliaopt.github.io/KNITRO.jl/latest.

The Artelys Knitro wrapper for Julia is community driven and not officially supported by Artelys. If you are an Artelys customer interested in official support for Julia, let them know!