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Windows screenFetch


screenFetch was originally made as a "Bash Screenshot Information Tool". Simply, it lets you display detailed information about your system in the terminal, it also comes with a ASCII logo for the detected Linux distribution.

This doesn't work on Windows natively and this project is my attempt to provide a solution that does not require obtaining a linux environment on windows.

The original can be found in KittyKatt's repository.

How is it different?

The original screenfetch requires a system that supports bash so it cannot be used on windows natively! This is a small scale project that simply "mimics" the behaviour of screenFetch in windows.

Windows screenFetch is a Powershell script, not a Bash program. Therefore, a linux-like environment such as Cygwin or MinGW is not required. This can be run natively on windows as a Powershell script within a Powershell or command prompt console.

Since this tool is only intended to run within a windows environment, no flags to invoke any Linux distribution ASCII art is supported.


Windows screenFetch is available and managed through Powershell Gallery.


<b=>Note that if you were using windows-screenfetch before it was uploaded to Powershell Gallery, you will need to delete the local instance and associated environment variables before running the following install.

PS> Install-Module -Name windows-screenfetch

Simply run the Screenfetch command after installing the module and you should be good to go.

Command Prompt

No longer supported

Usage Parameters

  • The -distro argument allows you to specify the ASCII logo shown
  • Possible alternatives currently is the apple logo, please see AsciiArtGenerator for possible extensions


If you have followed the installation steps but you're getting the following error:

The file C:\<yourpath>\screenfetch.ps1 is not digitally signed. 
The script will not execute on the system.

A common fix is to run the powershell command Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted in a shell with administrative privileges.

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