Interactive bus map, from OpenStreetMap data.
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VapourTrail is an interactive bus map made from OpenStreetMap data.


VapourTrail aims to be a large scale or local solution for visualizing bus lines based on OpenStreetMap data composed of:

  • an interactive map with a schematic bus route display
  • an API for bus routes
  • a tileset of vector tiles


🚧⚠️ This is a work in progress, the schema is not stable yet ⚠️🚧



  • imposm3
  • postgre / postgis
  • t-rex
  • docker / docker-compose
  • python3 with flask and SQLAlchemy

How to run

Put an .osm.pbf file into imposm/import/ directory.

Run make docker-importer to import the data to the Postgres database.

The first run will perform several actions:

  • download all the required base images,
  • build and run the containers
  • create the database
  • import the osm.pbf file
  • execute the post_process SQL scripts

Run make up-d to run the services (web and api) in detached mode.

The tiles rendered by t-rex are available at http://localhost:6767/.

The web front-end is available at http://localhost:8082/vapour_trail.html.

The API (used by the front-end) is available at http://localhost:5000. The endpoint used is /route/<string:route_id>.

Troubleshooting: If you don't see the name of the bus stops on the map after import or if the bus stop popups are empty, try to restart t-rex service: docker-compose restart t-rex

If you have performance issues, you may want to pre-generate the tiles before using the front : make generate-tiles bbox=minlon,minlat,maxlon,maxlat

Deploy a static version

To get a static version (that can work without t-rex and postgres):

  • import data: make docker-importer
  • generate tiles for your area of interest: make generate-tiles bbox=minlon,minlat,maxlon,maxlat
  • prepare static publication: make prepare-static static_url=http://localhost/tile
  • you can now deploy and serve the static folder

Style Edition

The background style is in web/glstyle.json while the foreground style is in web/vapour-style.json. Both can be edited manually or with style editor.

With the t-rex tiles server running locally you can upload vapour-style.json to the online Maputnik Editor and exported back.


This project has been developed by the Jungle Bus team, a French non-profit organization dedicated to bus public transport in OpenStreetMap. Please reuse!

The code in this repository is under the MIT license.

This project relies on OpenStreetMap data so you need to credit the contributors. We propose the following wording: Jungle Bus © OpenStreetMap contributors

If you value this work, show your support by donating to the OSM French local chapter.


🎼 There's a monkey in the jungle watching a vapour trail 🎶

🎵 Caught up in the conflict between his brain and his tail 🎜