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Documentation for the Juno IDE
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This is the documentation for the Juno IDE, hosted at It is created using Documenter.jl

Contributing to the Documentation

In order to contribute to the documentation, simply modify the files in the /docs/src folder and open a PR against the master branch. When committed, Travis will run Documenter.jl which will automatically update the documentation website by pushing to the gh-pages branch, meaning that no build steps are required.

Local build of the Documentation

Although it's not necessary, If you want to check how the documentations looks before you make a PR, you can build the documentations locally and check the results in docs/build:

from the root of this repository:

$ julia --project=docs/ -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.develop(PackageSpec(path = pwd())); Pkg.instantiate()'
$ julia --project=docs/ docs/make.jl
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