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This is IPA Palette version 2.2

What can you do with this thing?

IPA Palette is a palette-class input method for OS X 10.5 and later. It makes possible point-and-click input of International Phonetic Alphabet symbols into Unicode-savvy applications.

What's new in 2.2?

  • You can click in an unoccupied part of an image map (a part that has no IPA symbol and thus doesn't hilite under your mouse) and drag it out into a new mini-palette (I call them "auxiliaries"). This way you can have available whatever subset of the IPA you use the most, without having to keep switching between tabs. The auxiliary palettes hide when you hide the main one, and are saved to your preferences.
  • New IPA Manager app handles installation and uninstallation, and updating. It uses the popular Sparkle framework to check for updates.
  • Some optimizations to the PDF image map related to mouse tracking should benefit performance and memory use.
  • Mouse tracking starts up before font scanning finishes, so you can have symbol description information available earlier, even if you have many fonts installed.
  • Made it possible to rearrange the custom symbols layout by dragging rows in the table. (You can copy if you hold down the Option key.)

Fixed in 2.2

  • Restored the ExtIPA Nasal Escape symbol, which went missing somewhere along the line, probably in the 2.0 transition.
  • Multicharacter symbols like /ǃ¡/ from ExtIPA can now have keyboard shortcuts displayed (if you have a really good keyboard layout!).
  • Finally diagnosed the reason I could never seem to change the preview font in Snow Leopard -- a Core Text bug or misfeature that was cacheing font data based on the address of the string object I was passing in, instead of its content (since I was reusing a mutable string).

To Build

Requires my Onizuka localizer from It's set up as a git submodule, so just do the usual git submodule magic to get it set up. I don't have Sparkle set up as a submodule because the Github version requires the 10.7 SDK, which I don't have on my build machine.

Project settings are for building on Snow Leopard against the 10.5 SDK. If you are on Leopard, you will probably have to fiddle with settings.

If you change any localizations (they're all in Localization/chardata.txt), run ./ -s to regenerate the *.strings files.


  • More localizations! (You guys should be doing these for me; I don't speak Swahili!)
  • Fix bugs.
  • The twice (so far) -requested embedded audio samples for those learning the IPA.

Not Todo

  • Make it work with Microsoft Word.
  • Sell it on the App Store.


  • The PDF icon used in Snow Leopard and Lion doesn't invert (to white on black) correctly in the International menu, although it does in the Pref Pane. There's probably something wrong with the alpha channel.
  • Limitations in the 'uchr' resource parser means that for some complex Unicode keyboards, like Unicode Hex Input, keyboard shortcuts for IPA symbols are not found. Fixing this is not a high priority but may be done eventually.
  • You can't accept the Custom Symbols sheet by hitting return (at least not on my Snow Lion systems).