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…e dial pixmaps.

This allows to draw them better on scaled high DPI uis. Accordingly, target widths and heights have been added to the drawPixmap calls so they end up being correct size no matter what.


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Amarok - the audio player for KDE

There are many media players around these days, it's true. What's missing from most
players is a user interface that doesn't get in the way of the user. How many
buttons do you have to press for simply adding some new tracks to the playlist?
Amarok tries to be a little different, providing a simple drag and drop interface
that really makes playlist handling easy.


    * Quick and simple drag and drop playlist creation
    * Music library
    * Cross platform: Support for Unix, MacOS X and Windows
    * Plays all audio formats known to man
    * Cover art download using services
    * Automatic play-statistics generation (iRate style)
    * Full lyrics download
    * Learn about your music with integrated Wikipedia
    * Full support
    * support
    * Configurable on screen display for track changes
    * Podcast support
    * iPod support, as well as other media players
    * Powerful scripting interface
    * Integration with Plasma and KDE Applications
    * Integration with multiple web sources including Magnatune, Jamendo,
      Ampache, MP3tunes, and others.


The following list should give you an impression what's required but it might
not be entirely up to date. You can always look at CMakeLists.txt to discover
the most recent dependencies.

    * KDE Frameworks 5 (for an exact list look at CMakeLists.txt)

    * Phonon 4.6.60 (with support for Qt5) and one of the following backends:
      * phonon-gstreamer 4.6.3 (or newer)
      * phonon-vlc 0.6.1 (or newer; as of 0.6.1 doesn't yet play Audio CDs, bug 313046)

    * Qt 5.8 (or newer)

    * TagLib 1.7 (or newer)
      (Metadata tagging library)

    * TagLib Extras 1.0.1 (or newer)
      (Support for metadata reading of additional file types)

    * MySQL 5.0 (or newer) Embedded: libmysqld compiled with fPIC
      (In-process database support)

    * Taglib 1.8 for support of MOD, IT, S3M and XM files
    * Taglib 1.9 for support of Opus files

    * iPod support requires:
      * libgpod 0.8.2 (or newer)
      * optional iPod album artwork support requires:
        * libgpod built with GDKPixBuf support enabled
        * GDKPixBuf 2.0 (or newer) itself

    * libmtp 1.0.0 (or newer)
      (MTP device support)

    * Spectrum analyzer requires:
      * QtOpenGL

    * integration (including syncronization) requires:
      * OpenSSL
      * libxml2
      * libcurl
      * Glib2
      * Loudmouth, the Jabber library,
      * Qt must be compiled with Glib enabled

    * Liblastfm 1.0.3 (or newer)
      (For scrobbling, internet radio, and artist info)

    * MySQL 5.0 (or newer) Server (external database support)

    * MusicBrainz-based audio fingerprint tag lookup requires:
      * FFmpeg 0.7.0 (or newer) -
        * libavcodec & libavformat specifically
      * LibOFA -

    * Podcast Provider & Service
      * libmygpo-qt 1.0.9 (or newer)
         Actually it needs the to-be-released 1.10. Or you use 1.0.9 and add the
         patches from the following pull requests:

    * Transcoding requires (at runtime):
      * FFmpeg 0.7.0 (or newer) -
      * For all supported encoders to be available in Amarok, FFmpeg needs to
        support the following codecs:
        * aac (introduced in 3.0,
        * alac
        * flac
        * opus
        * libmp3lame (NOT just "mp3")
        * libvorbis (NOT just "vorbis")
        * wmav2

    * CD support requires:
      * audiocd-kio - (part of KDE multimedia)

    * Building tests require:
      * gmock 1.4 (or newer) -

Please note that if compiling from source you also need to install -dev/-devel
versions of these packages, depending on your distribution.


To compile from source, please refer to the INSTALL file.

Packages for popular distributions are available at


For answers to problems like "Amarok won't play any MP3s!" and "My MP3s skip
and stutter!" please visit:


If you wish to contribute to Amarok, you should build it from Git and subscribe
to the amarok AT mailing list. The IRC channel is also a place where
it's nice to be. There you can talk to other developers easily, and you can see
instant notifications of commits to the Git master repository. For instant email
notification of commits, visit , and
provides a slightly-less-instant overview.

More information at:

See you on IRC!


IRC: - #amarok,,,
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