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mthw0 and Pointedstick Remove background from scrollbars when hovering on them
Summary: Current gtk scrollbars have background that doesn't look very good and removing it makes scrollbars look better/more smilar to scrollbars in other apps.

Test Plan: No visual defects in any gtk app.

Reviewers: #vdg, #breeze, ndavis, ngraham

Reviewed By: #vdg, #breeze, ndavis, ngraham

Subscribers: filipf, ngraham, ndavis, plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

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Latest commit 71a9a1f Jun 11, 2019


A GTK Theme Built to Match KDE's Breeze. GTK2 theme made by scionicspectre


  • GTK+ 3.16
  • Pixmap/Pixbuf theme engine for GTK 2

Install instructions

If your distribution doesn't provide a package, you can install the theme system-wide by copying it to the appropriate directory, usually "/usr/share/themes".

find Breeze* -type f -exec install -Dm644 '{}' "$pkgdir/usr/share/themes/{}" \;

To install only for the current user, copy the files to "~/.themes".

To set the theme in Plasma 5, install kde-gtk-config and use System Settings > Application Style > GNOME Application Style. Also make sure to disable "apply colors to non-Qt applications" in System Settings > Colors > Options.

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