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koffice, a free software office suite.


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                          README for KOffice

KOffice is a collection of office applications linked together by a
common base.  This common base assures that all office application can
work together and also share a common look and feel.

KOffice is free software, mostly under LGPL 2+ but also under the GPL.
See COPYING and COPYING.LIB for the details.  See also copyright and
licensing notices in individual files.


The applications currently included in KOffice (version 2.1) are:

- KWord      -  Word processor
- KCells     -  Spreadsheet calculator
- Showcase   -  Presentation program
- Arts       -  Vector graphics

More information can be found at

Building and running

KOffice is based on the KDE libraries ( ) which are
needed to run KOffice.  Note that you don't have to actually run the
KDE workspace in order to use KOffice.  KOffice works fine
on any desktop or platform.

See for up-to-date info;

Contact info

User mailing list:
Developer mailing list:

Subscribing and list information:

IRC channel for developers:  #koffice-devel on

KOffice forums:

If you have questions about this README file or about KOffice in general,
please mail to the KOffice mailing list: