KING TeC 2169

FRC 2169's GitHub Organization to house code for team projects.

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  1. 2018-Robot-Code

    KING TeC's 2018 robot code utilizing the KT-Iterative framework

    Java 5

  2. 2019BaseProject

    A ready-to-go IntelliJ Project for 2019 WPILib

    Java 2

  3. Royal-Iterative

    The KING TeC FRC Programming Framework, built around the principles of modular code design, state management, and reliable performance, followed with error catching, limping, and redundancies.

    Java 1

  4. RoyalVision

    KING TeC's Vision Software built on OpenCV 3.5

    Python 1

  5. RoyalPartsLib

    A library of common part files for AutoDesk Inventor for use on FRC Robots


  6. Bedivere-Iterative

    KING TeC's STEAMWORKS Robot Programmed in the Royal-Iterative Framework


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