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dark vim colorscheme with no code syntax highlighting
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"Distilled" - colorscheme for vim

Clears up syntax highlighting to reveal what is important.


  1. In action


  1. Special comments


  1. Search results


  1. Syntax errors


  1. Spelling mistakes


  1. Diff changes


In addition you can inspect this theme at vivify


Install manually or with your favorite plug-in manager and then load the theme.

With vim-plug:

Plug 'KKPMW/distilled-vim'
colorscheme distilled

To make the colorscheme work as intended either set termguicolors:

set termguicolors

Or alternatively change your terminal colors to match these:

color 0  24364b  # Black
color 1  e76d6d  # Red
color 2  88c563  # Green
color 3  ecb534  # Yellow
color 4  65baf5  # Blue
color 5  ae8fc1  # Purple
color 6  69c5b4  # Cyan
color 7  e4e4dd  # White
color 8  6194ba  # Bright Black
color 9  edbabf  # Bright Red
color 10 bfedba  # Bright Green
color 11 dfc56d  # Bright Yellow
color 12 9fcce7  # Bright Blue
color 13 cebaee  # Bright Purple
color 14 85f1a1  # Bright Cyan
color 15 a5b1bf  # Bright White


  1. nofrils
  2. noclown
  3. dracula
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