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AASC: ACL Anthology Sentence Corpus

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AASC: ACL Anthology Sentence Corpus

AASC is a corpus of natural language text extracted from scientific papers. It contains 2,339,195 sentences from PDF-format papers from the ACL Anthology [1], a comprehensive scientific paper repository on computational linguistics and natural language processing.

For PDF document analysis, we use PDFNLT 1.0 [2], a PDF paper analysis tool specifically trained for ACL Anthology. After excluding papers with non-standard structures (eg. no abstract, or no references), the rest 13,923 papers were further processed by (1) sentence splitting, and (2) section type labeling.

The ACL_2018_v2.tar.gz file contains the extracted natural language sentences for each <paper_ID>, where the <paper_ID> is the unique identifier of the paper on the ACL Anthology. The corresponding PDF version can be found using the URL:<paper_ID>.

Each sentence file is named as <paper_ID>.ss within which each line represents tab-separated values of a sentence:

Column Example (
Sentence ID s-1-1-0-0
Section type abstract
Sentence text: The paper describes a natural language based expert system route advisor for the public bus transport in Trondheim, Norway.

A simple dictionary-based classifier was used for the section type labeling.

For details, see also our Overview of AASC


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