An OBS Studio Plugin for using LKV373 as a HDMI grabber
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An OBS Studio Plugin for using LKV373 as a HDMI grabber


This is an experimental product. Do NOT use this in critical scenes.

How to build

obs-lenkeng includes git submodules. git submodule init and git submodule update are need before you build it.

OBS Studio and libjpeg-turbo which obs-lenkeng depends on may require additional tools or libraries to build. See the respective documentations for more information.

NOTE: Only macOS is supported currently. If you succeed to build in other platforms, please let me know how to do.

And then, just run cargo build.


  • CMAKE_ASM_NASM_COMPILER is hard-corded in libturbojpeg-sys/
    • This is breaking the portability
  • source_info.update is not implemented
    • To apply changes of the interface address, relaunch is need
  • No Audio
  • Lack of inter-frame jitter normalization
    • FPS relies on when the packet comes only
  • De-interlace