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Steps to make your own NPM package.

  1. Copy this npm-template and rename it to something you like.
  2. Add a new job under npm in Jenkins. Copy an existing npm job like npm-template, Name it to the same name as your repository.
  3. Under configuration in the new job change Git URL and Git repo-name.
  4. Add the build to Travis CI
  5. Remove this orderd list from your and update the stuff below with your package information.
  6. 💥 🎉 Happy Coding!

Publishing to npm is now automatic. Every time you push Evolene will run npm run-script build. After that Evolene will check to see if the version in package.json is newer then on If so, a new version is published to npm.

Reminder: If you forget to update the version Evolene will run npm run-script build, but without publishing to the registy.

NPM Template alt text


How to use

const package = require("npm-template");

if (package.isWorking()) {
  console.log("Hello World!");

Run tests

npm build ## Does npm install and npm test

You can also view the tests at

Output from tests

Type of tests header
   ✓ When running tests, expect it to always return 'true'.

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