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A simplified gravity simulator for Android, built with libgdx.



If you have Eclipse with the ADT Plugin, you can just download this zip, extract it, import the projects inside into Eclipse and then export an APK.


You can also build the application with Apache Ant. To build, you will need to have the Android SDK and Apache Ant installed.

Be sure to have a supported target SDK version installed. This application needs from version 5 onwards. It has been tested with version 17. You can list the SDK versions you have installed with $ android list targets

Additionally, you will need jarsigner if you want to sign the resulting APK. The jarsigner utility comes with the Java JDK.

  1. Clone the repo:

    $ git clone

  2. Go into the android project directory:

    $ cd GLXY/glxy-android

  3. Update the Android project:

    $ android update project --path . --target android-17

    If you don't have version 17 of the SDK, replace android-17 for one the SDK versions you have installed.

  4. Run Ant:

    $ ant release

  5. Sign the resulting APK file:

   $ mv bin/GLXY-release-unsigned.apk GLXY.apk && \
   jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 \
     -keystore my-release-key.keystore GLXY.apk alias_name
  1. Install the APK to your device:

    You can do this manually, or with adb:

    $ adb install GLXY.apk


Touch gestures supported:

  • Single tap: Create a new particle.
  • Double tap: Put camera focus on a particle.
  • Pinch: Zoom the view.
  • Pan: If panning is enabled, it will pan the view. Otherwise, it will create a particle with momentum.

Option bar:

  • Small, Medium, Large buttons: Choose a particle size.
  • Pan button: Toggle pan/slingshotting particles.

Settings menu (cog icon):

  • Pause: Toggle pause.
  • Particle trails: Show / don't show.
  • Collision mode: Bounce / merge particles.
  • Reset zoom: Resets the zoom to default.
  • Reset particles: Removes all the particles from the field.


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