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Simplified notification construction for Android.

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Notify is a Fluent API for Android notifications which lets you build notifications without worrying how they'll look across devices or API versions. You can bring deterministic notifications to your Android projects with clarity & ease so you can finally stop fighting Developer documentation and get back to dev work that really matters.


Notify (pre-)releases are available via JitPack. It is recommended that a specific release version is selected when using the library in production as there may be breaking changes at anytime.

Tip: Test out the canary channel to try out features by using the latest develop snapshot; develop-SNAPSHOT.

// Project level build.gradle
// ...
repositories {
    maven { url '' }
// ...

// Module level build.gradle
dependencies {
    // Replace version with release version, e.g. 1.0.0-alpha, -SNAPSHOT
    implementation "io.karn:notify:[VERSION]"


The most basic case is as follows:

    .content { // this: Payload.Content.Default
        title = "New dessert menu"
        text = "The Cheesecake Factory has a new dessert for you to try!"

Basic usecase

If you run into a case in which the library does not provide the requisite builder functions you can get the NotificationCompat.Builder object and continue to use it as you would normally by calling NotifyCreator#asBuilder().

Tip: You can view other notification styles on the Notification Types docs page.

Tip: Advanced usage topics are documented here.


There are many ways to contribute, you can

  • submit bugs,
  • help track issues,
  • review code changes.