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Erotic Roguelike Misadventures

Building from source

This was made in and for Visual Studio 2010. The free Express edition is fine. If you have it installed, building is as simple as running buildall.bat if you don't want to bother with the VS IDE. First time you do it either way, it may fail because of the data files. In that case, just build it again. You should get debug and release builds, each in both 32 and 64 bits, in the bin folder, along with 7-Zip archives of the two release builds.

If you'd rather use a more recent version of Visual Studio, that's perfectly fine too. It should by all means compile just fine from the IDE, and buildall.bat has just the one line to adapt.


Keyboard controls can be changed by editing Noxico.ini, or from the settings screen.


  • (Debug only) F3 dumps the current board to HTML for investigation.
  • F12 takes a screenshot.
  • Ctrl-R forces a full redraw, just in case.

In gameplay

  • Arrow keys move the player character. Bumping into a friendly or neutral character displaces them. Bumping into a hostile attacks them.
  • Shift-arrows with a long-range weapon equipped fires in that direction.
  • Period (.) makes the PC rest for a turn.
  • Enter activates things underneath the PC — there'll be a little popup in the corner if this is something you can do at the time. Activation could involve picking up dropped loot, looking into a container, taking a nap in a bed, or using an exit.
  • Quotes (') opens the inventory screen.
  • Slash (/) switches to Interact mode.
  • Comma (,) causes the PC to take off in flight or land again, if they have wings.
  • Semicolon (;) opens the travel screen.

In Interact mode

  • Arrow keys move the cursor — that's the flashing green rectangle.
  • Tab cycles through targets.
  • Enter accepts this choice of target and pops up a menu of things you can do.
  • Esc breaks out back to regular gameplay.

In a subscreen or popup window

  • Tab cycles through controls.
  • Enter activates the active control. For a yes/no message box, this equals a yes.
  • Esc breaks out to whatever you came from, if allowed. For a yes/no message box, this is a no.
  • Arrow keys scroll through list items.

Mouse controls

  • Left-click with a message box or action list on screen maps directly to the Enter key, technically the Accept action.
  • Left-click on a subscreen control does exactly what you'd think.
  • Right-click, likewise, maps to Escape.
  • In regular gameplay, left-clicking on a tile makes the PC navigate there.
  • Middle-clicking near an edge makes the PC navigate to the edge and then cross.
  • Right-clicking is considered equal to switching to Interact mode, aiming at that point, and pressing Enter. That is in fact exactly what happens.
  • Turning the scroll wheel in a subscreen or popup actually scrolls through the active list control.

Given an XInput-compatible controller, the game'll automatically adjust the on-screen key indications to match. Controller maps can't be edited.