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Use the Java Tika text extraction library on the .NET platform
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Tika on .NET

Build status NuGet version

This project is a simple wrapper around the very excellent and robust Tika text extraction Java library. This project produces two nugets:

  • TikaOnDotNet - A straight IKVM hosted port of Java Tika project.

Install-Package TikaOnDotNet

  • TikaOnDotNet.TextExtractor - Use Tika to extract text from rich documents.

Install-Package TikaOnDotNet.TextExtractor

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to:

  • Add a Nuget dependency to TikaOnDotNet.TextExtractor.
  • Instantiate a new TextExtractor object and call one of the Extract methods.


// using TikaOnDotNet.TextExtractor;

var textExtractor = new TextExtractor();

var wordDocContents = textExtractor.Extract(@".\path\to\my favorite word.docx");
var webPageContents = textExtractor.Extract(new Uri(""));

Take a look at our tests for more usage examples.

How To Contribute

Have an idea to make this project better? Great! Start out by taking a look at our Contributing Guide.

Having A Problem?

Search in the Issues as your problem may be a common one. If don't find your problem please create an issue. Contributors here will chime in when they can.

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