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Kinesis Velocity Token

To facilitate the Kinesis Velocity Token, we have developed 3 contracts:

  1. Kinesis Velocity ERC20 Token
  2. Whitelisted Crowdsale to facilitate public purchases
  3. Vesting contract to timelock founders and partners allocation

Local Development

  1. Install MetaMask
  2. Install and start Ganache
  3. npm i
  4. truffle compile
  5. truffle migrate
  6. npm run dev
  7. Connect MetaMask to Ganache as a custem network
  8. Use the Ganache recovery nmonic to get balaces

Deploy to a network

  1. truffle compile
  2. Add network to truffle.js (Follow format of other networks)
  3. Make sure you have ethereum in the account specified in truffle.js - (If Ropsten use metamask faucet)
  4. truffle migrate --network [network name]