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This is a learning tool for 4D v17+. 4D is a relational database combined with a powerful object oriented language. If you aren't familiar with 4D hop over to their website and take a look.

The object oriented language is called ORDA (Object Relational Data Access) and augments a more linear procedural language similar to Pascal that's powered 4D for years. This project is my the result of my personal learning process. I've programmed in 4D for a very long time. However, accomplishing things in ORDA is very different and I was getting frustrated. I realized I simply had to aquaint myself with all the new commands and techniques because picking and choosing a few here and there was just not working.


Studying the documentation was overwhelming. So I started a new database and began simply copying examples from the docs to watch them work. This also allowed me to group commands into functional groups as opposed to an alphabetical listing.

Eventually I would up copying all of the examples from all the new commands. This also required adding some tables for demo data.

Overall the process took me a little over two days to complete. At the end of it I suddenly found myself far more productive and less frustrated.

Consider making your own

Seriously - think about doing the same thing I did. You'll gain a lot. If you don't have time download this one and work your way through it.

If you're unfamiliar with git

Click the green Clone or download button in the upper right of the window. Then choose download .zip. This will download a complete copy of the database. Open it with v17 or later.

Update: 11/19/2018

I've updated sideORDA with the examples from my 4D Method presentation. You will also find some new experiments and general doodling around using the new tools.

This example is provided 'as is'

There are bugs, there are incomplete methods, there are issues. It's a learning tool, not a finished project.