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Kismon is GUI client for kismet (wireless scanner/sniffer/monitor) with several features:

  • a live map of the networks
  • file import: netxml (kismet), csv (old kismet version), json (kismon)
  • file export: kmz (Google Earth) and all import formats
  • signal graph for each network
  • it can connect to multiple kismet servers simultaneously

Kismon Window


  • kismet
    • Kismon requires the Python module of kismet, it has to be installed for Python 3
  • osm-gps-map (>=1.0.2)
    • osm-gps-map is optional, the map will be disabled if it's missing
  • python3-gi, python3-cairo, python3-simplejson
  • GTK+ 3

Kismet Compatibility

Be aware that kismon is starting with version 1.0 not compatible with kismet servers running versions older than 2019-01-beta2.

Here is a list of the known compatibility:

  • kismon 1.0.3
    • Kismet 2019-12-R2 - 2020-12-R3
  • kismon 1.0.2
    • Kismet 2019-12-R2 - 2020-03-R1
  • kismon 1.0.1
    • Kismet 2019-08-R1 - 2019-09-R1
  • kismon 1.0.0
    • Kismet 2019-01-beta2 - 2019-04-R1
  • kismon 0.9
    • Kismet 2011-01-R1 - 2016-07-R1
  • kismon 0.8
    • Kismet 2011-01-R1 - 2014-02-R1


$ sudo apt-get install git python3 python3-gi gir1.2-gtk-3.0 \
 gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0 python3-cairo python3-simplejson \
$ git clone kismon
$ cd kismon
$ python3 build
$ sudo python3 install

Or just use make instead of the python commands.

# make install

Kismet Python module

The Python module of kismet isn't included in the most Linux distributions and has to be installed manually.

$ git clone
$ cd python-kismet-rest
$ sudo python3 install

Create Debian/Ubuntu package

$ sudo apt-get install make debhelper dh-python python3
$ make builddeb


Launch kismon from the command line after you started kismet or click the the kismon icon in the menu of your desktop environment.


  • Fullscreen: F11
  • Zoom in/out: Ctrl + "i"/"o"

Note: The GPS reciever needs to be setup before running kismon and kismet.



Patrick Salecker


This project is licensed under BSD, for more details check COPYING.