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KnoxDevs Directory Images is a companion to the KnoxDevs Directory. This repo is a listing of logos and images related to all meetups, organizers, groups, coworking spaces, and event spaces in Knoxville.
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Images for the Website

This subfolder is organized in a (hopefully) logical way, that mirrors the _data folder substructure. It's where you'll upload your photos that will go along with the data files that you edit. Each category under data has a corresponding folder here to upload images too. We also have logos for our sponsors and icons here as well.

├── conferences
├── coworking
├── groups
├── organizations
├── organizers

Why upload images? Rather than send multiple sources of data to a user's browser, which potentially could be over http://, this ensures us that the images we serve on the website are 1) always there 2) the image it's supposed to be!

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