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Built on the 1.12 client but will be remade for classic, 1.13+ once I can test with the new client. This addon aims to preserve the blizzard look/design but with a modern touch and with some nice features added.
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An upcoming UI for Classic World of Warcraft. Built on the 1.12.1 client but will later be modified to be compatible with 1.13 and beyond! This addon aims to preserve the blizzard look/design but with a modern touch and with some nice features added.

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This addon started out as a fork of Shagu's pfUI. The general idea at first was just to tweak some things to have it look exactly as I wanted, and as time moved on I started to add other features with the purpose of having the most crucial features under the same "roof" and as light-weight as possible. I've always wanted to preserve the blizzard UI in some ways and I really liked the look of Modernist's modUI which is the foundation of the art decisions made here. So these guys deserve a big thank you becuase they are the reason this addon exist! Please check out their work and leave a star ,

Special thanks to

Shagu, Modernist, EinBaum, millanzarreta, Kouri82 MrFIXIT,


There are a lot of different features in this UI and the user can choose to disable any component that they dont want to use without having any issues becuase of it. All the components work independently and the user can choose to disable anything you see here.


  • Change color on almost any frame, bar or text.
  • Hide end caps option (gryphons)
  • Move almost any frame to your liking by "Shift-click + drag"
  • Global dark theme with some new background textures.
  • Quality colored borders on gear/items in bag/bank/character etc
  • Clock under minimap, scroll on minimap to zoom in our out


  • Compact or Extended Unitframes
  • Class portraits
  • Rogue energy bar
  • Druid extra mana bar while shapeshifted
  • Buff/Debuffs timers, movable with nice borders
  • Color gradient HP text
  • Colored power text
  • MobHealth3 or Mobinfo2 support


  • Compact designed nameplates
  • Castbar option
  • Debuff option with timers


  • Compact designed raidframes
  • Range check on your allies
  • Colored border if you can dispel this unit i.e purple if mage with "Remove lesser curse" ability trained.
  • Healcomm support
  • TODO: Make sizeable


  • Player and enemy castbars
  • Modify size/color and placement
  • TODO: Option to show latency modification + show spell icon next to the bar


  • /calc to show the calculator
  • Easy calculations without any "Alt-Tabbing" to windows calc...
  • Calculate with gold, silver and copper!
  • Dont try to divide by zero ;)

Loot & Roll

  • Compact designed loot and roll frames with quality borders
  • See what your allies rolled by hovering over the "need, greed or pass" -buttons


  • Change size or opacity with "CTRL + scroll" or "Shift + Scroll"
  • Reveal unexplored areas checkbox
  • Coordinates
  • Pins can be places with "Shift-click" possible to add notes to pin as well
  • TODO: doesnt save pins over sessions yet

Quality of Life

  • Instacast spells on key down instead of key up
  • Range indication on each spell with clear red tinted ability icons when out of range
  • Cooldown text on all abilities
  • Auto-dismount when trying to use abilities
  • Keybind feature lets you place the mouse over a actionbar/stance/pet -button then simply press the key or mouse-button you wanna use
  • Hotkey text on each button, change size/color
  • Compare any equipment with current when holding down "Shift-key" hovering over an item
  • Swing-timer available, properly working with "Slam", "Mortal Strike", Parry etc
  • CC-indicator when loss of control, heavily inspired from LoseControl, prioritizing your worst debuff
  • Circular action menu possible, remember to bind a key to this in blizzard "Keybinds". I use this to see all my portals on a mage for example on "Middle mouse" -click. RingMenu inspired
  • Sell values included on all items at all times
  • TODO: Sell all grey's button, Automatic quest accept, Add better character stats
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