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Updater for osm2pgsql database and rendering stylesheets used by Komzpa.

Name suggested by github project name generator :3

Special thanks to:

  • Kai Krueger aka apmon, osm2pgsql maintainer who added almost all features I needed;
  • Jochen Topf, for openstreetmapdata.com source of coastlines;
  • OSM community, who created the best world map.



  • Write a config file for your hardware and intentions;
  • get OpenStreetMap dump. If you define a set of dumps in config file, it's as easy as:
python furry.py config/your_config.conf synthdump

The process will automatically update merged dump with latest data using minutely, hourly and daily diffs.

  • alternatively, if you downloaded dump yourself and want to update it,
python furry.py config/your_config.conf updatedump
  • load data to postgres database.
python furry.py config/your_config.conf import
  • create all indexes you need for postgres db to work properly.
python furry.py config/your_config.conf index
  • for minutely updates, you need to get new diffs from OpenStreetMap server
python furry.py config/your_config.conf getdiff
  • to actually apply diff to database,
python furry.py config/your_config.conf diff2db
  • to update your dump afterwards using the same downloaded diffs, once you have some diffs downloaded:
python furry.py config/your_config.conf updatedump