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This GitHub-hosted wiki is used for technical documentation relating to the [nextSIS project] ( Right now (15th January 2013), the project is in the design stage, so entries are in the process of being added here and design details are subject to change.


  • [Project Installation] (wiki/Project-Installation)

nextSIS Design

  • [Concept] (wiki/Concept)
  • [Project Development] (wiki/Project-Development)
  • [Project Language] (wiki/Project-Language)
  • [Development Framework] (wiki/Development-Framework)
  • [Coding Philosophy] (wiki/Coding-Philosophy)
  • [Support Framework] (wiki/Support-Framework)
  • [Data Model and Database] (wiki/Data-Model-and-Database)
  • [Functionality] (wiki/Functionality)
  • [User Interface] (wiki/User-Interface)
  • [Application Security] (wiki/Application-Security)

Project Administration

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