WordPress plugin which allows to embed interactive Kotlin playground to any post via [kotlin] shortcode
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Kotlin Playground Wordpress Plugin

Allows embedding interactive Kotlin playground to any post via [kotlin] shortcode.



  1. Download latest release.
  2. Go to WordPress Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Add New, choose Upload Plugin, select file from your computer and press Install now.


Use [kotlin]code...[/kotlin] shortcode as usual. Example:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
  print("Hello, World!")


runnable="true|false" (true by default)

Creates read-only playground without ability to edit and run code. Example [kotlin runnable="false"]code...[/kotlin].

folded-button="true|false" (true by default)

Hide code snippet with value false outside of markers //sampleStart and //sampleEnd.

platform="java|js|junit|canvas" (java by default)

Creates playground with different target platforms


Minimum target Kotlin compiler version

auto-indent="true|false" (false by default)

Whether to use the context-sensitive indentation.

indent="2|4" (4 by default)

How many spaces a block should be indented.


Editor IntelliJ IDEA themes.

version="1.0.7 (latest stable version by default)

Target Kotlin compiler version: