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Repo for JS Course 2017

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Date Time Topic Coach Summary Slides Video Home task
Tue Sep 19 19:00 Intro Alex Lapshyn Slides Video task
Thu Sep 21 19:00 HTML: new stuff Aleksey Shvayka Summary TBA task
Sat Sep 23 12:00 [workshop]: PostCSS Aleksey Shvayka Code
Tue Sep 26 19:00 CSS: new stuff Aleksey Shvayka
Thu Sep 28 19:00 JS: intro Aleksey Shvayka
Tue Oct 3 19:00 JS: descriptors & classes Aleksey Shvayka Summary & code
Thu Oct 5 19:00 JS: tagged templates, iterators Aleksey Shvayka
Sat Oct 7 12:00 [workshop] Grid Layout Anton Nemtsev Summary Slides task
Tue Oct 10 19:00 JS: symbols, collections, generators Aleksey Shvayka
Thu Oct 12 19:00 [remote] JS: promises, proxies Aleksey Shvayka
Tue Oct 17 19:00 DOM APIs Aleksey Shvayka Summary task
Thu Oct 19 19:00 Web Components Aleksey Shvayka Summary task
Sat Oct 21 12:00 [workshop] ESLint Aleksey Shvayka Code
Tue Oct 24 19:00 PWA Artem Denysov Slides
Sat Oct 28 12:00 [workshop] Mocha/Chai/TDD Aleksey Shvayka Code
Thu Nov 2 19:00 Fetch, XSS, CQRS, CSP Aleksey Shvayka
Sat Nov 4 12:00 [workshop] Babel Artem Yavorsky
Tue Nov 7 19:00 Practical FP Roman Liutikov Summary
Thu Nov 9 19:00 CI/CD Yuri Tkachenko Config
Sat Nov 11 12:00 [remote] [workshop] Webpack Ivan Akulov Video
Tue Nov 14 19:00 HTTP Aleksey Shvayka Summary
Thu Nov 16 19:00 Node: basics Aleksey Shvayka
Sat Nov 18 12:00 [workshop] Node Andrey Listochkin Video
Tue Nov 21 19:00 React Kateryna Porshnieva
Thu Nov 23 19:00 React + Redux Kateryna Porshnieva
Tue Nov 28 19:00 Vue Volodymyr Stelmakh
Sat Dec 2 12:00 [workshop] Vue Volodymyr Stelmakh
Tue Dec 5 19:00 Data visualization with d3 Alex Lapshyn Slides
Thu Dec 7 19:00 MobX Aleksey Shvayka
Tue Dec 12 19:00 Flowtype Stas Gavrylov Summary
Thu Dec 14 19:00 Outro Artem Sychov
Sat Dec 16 12:00 [workshop] React + Redux Alex Lapshyn


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