Game 2048 written in a language with dependent types.
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#2048 in Idris

Author: Guannan Wei

This project aims to learn & show dependent type programming in Idris.

I implemented two versions of game 2048:

  • 2048.idr shows how to achieve it in Idris just using traditional type system.

  • 2048-dependent.idr is the version using dependent type. The most important data structure is dependent list Vect, and it also utilize built-in proof to ensure pre-conditions and post-conditions are satisfied.


You should have installed Idris (version 0.11 or later), see Idris Documentation.

  • run make all to compile both two versions,

  • run make 2048 to compile ordinary version,

  • run make 2048-dep to compile the dependent type version.

How to play

  • w and press enter for move up,
  • a for move left,
  • s for move down,
  • d for move right,
  • and q to quit the game.

Have fun!