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What is Kratos?

KRATOS Multiphysics ("Kratos") is a framework for building parallel, multi-disciplinary simulation software, aiming at modularity, extensibility, and high performance, under a BSD license. Kratos is written in C++, and counts with an extensive Python interface. More in Overview


Organizations contributing to Kratos:

International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering Chair of Structural Analysis
Technical University of Munich

Known Users

Some users of the technologies developed in Kratos are:

Airbus Defence and Space
Stress Methods & Optimisation Department
Siemens AG
Corporate Technology
ONERA, The French Aerospace Lab
Applied Aerodynamics Department

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Mailing Lists

If you want to receive a regular report of Kratos status and the latest news you can subscribe to the Kratos Mailing list here:


Besides this GitHub project, anyone with @CIMNE.​upc.​edu or @TUM.​de email address can join the KRATOS workspace on Slack.

Project information

Getting Started

Applications Tutorial


Kratos structure



Debugging, profiling and testing



Kratos API

Kratos Structural Mechanics API

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