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Python script to control NZXT cooler Kraken X52/X62 in Linux
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Python script to control NZXT cooler Kraken X52/X62/X72 in Linux and Windows.

Supported devices:

  • NZXT Kraken X52/X62/X72 (Vendor/Product ID: 0x1e71:0x170e)

Note: It's possible that other devices are supported as well

See protocol for details about USB communication.

Python pip note:

The public Python pip package installed with the pip install command might be outdated. You can check the pip release history and Install from source if a newer version is required.

Linux installation:

sudo python3 -m pip install krakenx

Linux How-Tos:

Auto run the KrakenX colctl script on bootup.

Windows installation

Install libusb or libusbK device driver for the NZXT USB device. Zadig is a tool to accomplish this. Select "Options -> List All Devices", select your NZXT device, change target driver to libusb-win32 or libusbK and install the driver. CAM software will not detect the device after this. See libwdi FAQ for uninstallation instructions.

Now krakenx can be installed using PIP (use Python 3, no adminstrative privileges required):

python -m pip install krakenx

colctl works with user privileges. Other accounts may need PATH updates for Python main and script folders in system environment (only available in user environment by default).

The colctl command might only work in a Unix shell like git bash. Use in Windows command line environments instead which just redirects your command.

Install from source

From cloned project source folder execute (use sudo on Linux, user account on Windows):
python -m pip install -e .

To uninstall use: python -m pip uninstall krakenx


Use sudo on Linux. Use instead of colctl in Windows command line environment without Unix support.

There are 8 separate LEDs on the rim, and text color is controlled separately too. There are 7 different color modes: Solid, SolidAll, Breathing, Pulse, Fading, CoveringMarquee, SpectrumWave which are controled via command line flag --mode.

Control lights using --mode, --animation_speed, --color_count, --color0, --color1, ... --color7, as well as --text_color.

Depending on mode, different flags are used:


Only use flag color0, if not set it will have default color(red), example:
colctl --mode solid --color0 50,0,90

Solid All

Use flags text_color and color0-7, colors that are not set will have default color (red), example:
colctl --mode solidall --text_color 0,255,0 -c0 50,0,90 -c1 40,50,60

Breathing, Pulse, Fading, Covering Marquee

Set flags text_color, animation_speed, color0-7 and color_count. If text_color is not set, the current animation color will be used as text color. Flag color_count needs only to be set when there is more than one color flag and it represents number of colors being used, example:
colctl --mode fading --color0 50,0,90 --color1 56,98,0 --color2 20,20,20 --color3 0,90,90 --color_count 4

Marquee, Police, Spinner

Set flags color0-1 and color count. Text color is always black. Examples:
colctl --mode spinner --color0 9,33,71 --color1 2,7,15 --color_count 2 --animation_speed 2
colctl --mode marquee --color0 9,33,71 --color1 2,7,15 --color_count 2 --animation_speed 0


Color flags are ignored. Called "Tai Chi" in CAM software.

Spectrum Wave

Only use flag animation speed, if flag is not set it will have default value (0). Example:
colctl --mode spectrumwave --animation_speed 3

Fan and pump speeds

Fan and pump speeds can be controled via the --fan_speed and --pump_speed options. They are always set in duty percentages (multiplied by 100), and can either be fixed values (by passing a single integer number) or profiles depending on liquid temperatue (by passing multiple comma-separated (<temperature>, <speed>) tuples).

colctl --fan_speed 50 --pump_speed 60 [...]
colctl --fan_speed "(20,30),(30,50),(40,90),(45,100)" [...]

If either flag is not set, a default profile will be applied in its place.

See also colctl --help

Note: Solid and Solid All mode settings are not remembered after restart, I think that is due to the firmware bug.

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