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Fastify decorators collection with bootstraper
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### Added
- `@controller` and `@hook` decorators

### Changed
- Improvements in documentation
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Fastify decorators

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Build Status codecov License: MIT

Fastify-decorators is the set of decorators to easier development of Fastify application.

This package based on Fastify ^2.0.0 and may not work with other versions.

Installation and usage

Installation and basic usage instruction can be found in library README


Repository structure

  • lib directory contains library sources
  • src directory contains example of usage of this library
  • test directory contains tests for library and example

NOTE: give a look also to the package.json to find out how the scripts are done 😉

How to run example

  1. clone this repository or download
  2. open terminal in project directory
  3. type npm install
  4. type npm run build
  5. type npm start

Example will be available on http://localhost:3000. You can check it by GET request to http://localhost:3000/get


This project licensed under MIT License

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