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LMT3 - Lustre Monitoring Tool

LMT is a distributed system that provides a "top"-like display of the
activity levels of the server-side (MDS, OSSes, and LNET routers)
nodes of one or more Lustre-based filesystems.  It is possible to watch
server metrics in real time, and to graph past behavior.  The clients
provide this capability, but it is also possible to directly mine the
MySQL database, e.g. with SQL scripts and GNU plot.

Real time and historical data is kept in the MySQL datbase.  The java
clients, lwatch (GUI) and lstat (command line) interface only to MySQL.
The clients are part of the lmt-gui package, now separately distributed.

There are four Cerebro "metric modules", lmt_mdt, lmt_ost, lmt_osc, and
lmt_router, which collect data from /proc on servers and inject messages
into the cerebro monitoring network.  The collection plugins are part of
the lmt-server-agent package.

Cerebro data is extracted and inserted into the database by a single cerebro
"monitor module".  The monitor module and support utilities, including
the new ltop client (C/curses) which interfaces directly to cerebro,
are part of the lmt-server package.

For more information, review the LMT wiki pages:

Jim Garlick
October, 2010