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Open Device Lab (ODL) Media Pool

This is a pool of media (such as text copy, imagery, logos and movies) on the topic of Open Device Labs (#ODL, ODLs).

All materials in this pool are convened and contributed by LabUp! and Open Device Labs all across the globe. See the respective committer and changelog information for details on specific authors and origins.


Everything in this pool is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported ("CC-BY 3.0") license.

This means you are free…

  • to share (copy, distribute and transmit)…
  • to remix (adapt)…
  • to make commercial use…

…of any of these materials as long as you attribute by clearly referencing to "" as origin of any material used by you.

Creative Commons License

More information

For a full directory and more information on ODLs check out

How to contribute to the pool

  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Take a moment to understand, and follow, the file structure and naming conventions.
  3. Make your changes and additions.
  4. Double-check your additions can go under CC-BY 3.0 license.
  5. Send a pull request.
  6. Feel like a hero for having done something truly awesome!

If you feel to be a superfrequent committer reach out to us and you will be added to the team, to ease up things.

File structure and naming conventions

We could have used branches for L10n, but as this is (primarily) targeted towards nontechnical users, we opted for the old-fashioned naming conventions.

It's dead simple:

  • Every logical entity of content has its own subfolder in the appropriate parent directory, which is to be named in English.

  • Every file that is or should become available in localized versions is to be prefixed with at least a two-digit country (language, region, script) code - we use the IETF language tag - and to be named in that respective language.




Notes on file size

Feel free to add your retina images, but keep videos small. Add well compressed videos of low weight (a few megs) and include a reference where to find a HD version of it - or even better, only include the reference. :)


A pool of free media on Open Device Labs



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