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This repository has been archived by the owner on Sep 27, 2022. It is now read-only.


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A server monitor tool for linux based machines using remote proc file system with script execution. Available for macOS 12+ & iOS 15+.

The project has completed my requirements without serious defects and is now archived. If there are minor issues, please consider fixing them yourself. If there are serious problems, please consider writing me an email. (I do fix them)

The App Store Package is now sold to 3rd developer because our Developer Program has expired. It does NOT keep relation to this repository anymore.


Preview Preview+iOS


  • free and open source
  • libssh2 capable host connections
  • Linux proc file system status information
  • authenticate with password, key, etc...
  • terminal with xterm support
  • Port Forward support
  • code snippet with batch execution
  • Nvidia GPU status monitor
  • Running cat for macOS app


MIT License - Lakr's Edition


Made with love by @Lakr233 along with his friends @__oquery @zlind0 @unixzii @82flex @xnth97 @misakicoca @NyaaLyn

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