Kubernetes Helm charts for Apache Kafka and Kafka Connect and other components for data streaming and data integration
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Helm Charts for Lenses, Lenses SQL Runners and Apache Kafka Connect and other components

This repo contains Helm Charts Apache Kafka components

Add the repo:

helm repo add landoop https://landoop.github.io/kafka-helm-charts/
helm repo update

Stream Reactor

Stream-reactor and Kafka Connectors any environment variable beginning with CONNECT is used to build the Kafka Connect properties file, the Connect cluster is started with this file in distributed mode. Any environment variable starting with CONNECTOR is used to make the Connector properties file, which is posted into the Connect cluster to start the connector.


Documentation for the Lenses chart can be found here.

Lenses SQL runners

Documentation for the Lenses SQL Runner chart can be found here.


The connectors support SSL and SASL on Kafka. For this you need to provide the base64 encoded contents of the key and truststores.

The key/truststores added to a secret and mounted into /mnt/secrets

For SASL, you need to provide the base64 encoded keytab file contents. Note that the keytab path in the jaas.conf must be set to /mnt/secrets.

If the connector, for example, Cassandra requires SSL, provided the base64 contents for the key/truststores. They will be mounted into /mnt/connector-secrets and any connector config parameters are set automatically.

For connectors supporting TLS, the certs will be mounted via secrets into /mnt/connector-secrets and any connector config parameters are set automatically

FOR BASE64 encoding

Make sure to not include split lines.

openssl base64 < client.keystore.jks | tr -d '\n'


Run package.sh this in turn calls scripts/lint.sh which will perform linting checks on the charts and also check we aren't going to overwrite existing charts.

If all good, checkin, tag and push the ```docs`` folder. This charts are hosted on the github page.


Contributions are welcome for any Kafka Connector or any other component that is useful for building Data Streaming pipelines